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Going on the 'therapy journey' with me has splashes of humor, sparks of honesty, and sprinkled with creativity. Having a variety of ways to express yourself - verbal or nonverbal- can be essential for healing and that is what I hope my approach and speciality of art therapy can bring to you! 

I believe change starts with awareness of our thoughts- actions- and feelings. Further, understanding of how our relationships impact us. 

In my practice, art making may be used as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. There are no expectations and no art skills required. AND- - nope, art therapy is not just for kids :)

I will support you in practicing mindfulness skills, creative art therapy tools, kick-starting pro-active changes, and growing self-love (cause you deserve it! - YES, YOU!)

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Family Systems Theory

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Out-of-Network Insurance: I can provide you a super bill receipt that you may submit to your insurance company.